Develop a set of scenarios

The objective of the simulations is to elaborate a set of scenarios to be used as inputs in the other work packages. Each scenario will be driven by a set of assumptions on e.g. level of fluctuating renewable energy in the mix, demand profile and its evolution over time, social acceptability, costs prediction. Each scenario will take the form of:

  1. a set of static data: production means and/or power conversion systems including their features and locations, a transmission network model and demand-related assumptions (demographics, overall national yearly consumptions, uses, Ö).
  2. a set of time-correlated hourly time series on each zone of the network model including demand and production over time, forecast errors, storage needs, and this for several different meteorological years.
  3. definition of a network study case based on the portuguese electric power systems for future scenarios with a high share of renewables. In WP1 we will propose a methodology that allows obtaining these data while ensuring that the corresponding system is i) feasible (constraints are respected) and ii) optimal (total system costs in CAPEX and OPEX are minimised). Additional analyses will include the determination of the demand for FCR, FRR and RR and the systemís ability to provide them. Finally, the impact of
  4. Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) on the continental network and its potential to increase its flexibility will be studied.
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